In the new year I officially launch my new one-day advanced phone video skills masterclass.

In fact, I’ve already snuck a preview out to one of my clients last week – a major UK university –  who declared it ‘excellent’ and ‘very useful’.

I’ve called it a Masterclass.  Not because I’m a master, but this course will move you a step closer to being one.

It’s designed for people who’ve been on my basic course, been around a bit since and now want to stretch their wings a little.

Of course, you don’t need to have been on my basic course.  You could have been on anybody’s – or just taught yourself. And now be looking to take your command of phonography a little further.

So, what’s on offer?

Hands on learning

Our basic course shows you how to achieve high quality interview clips and how to wrap them up in punchy, compelling B roll.  Simple but effective, idea for the sort of short videos you need to push your messages in every field from training to crisis management.On the advanced course you’ll take your skills to a new level.

You’ll find out about the latest equipment and apps.

We’ll talk about message management and story-telling and integrating messages into the story arc.

You’ll explore handy shooting ideas, such as capturing movement, truncating time and space (handy if you could do that in real life), how to get the best out of your interviewees, and much more.

On the editing front, we’ll look at more advanced techniques that can move your video project on from “great – simple but great” to “great!”. You’ll get hands-on, applying them in practical exercises.  Working in teams of two with your own equipment, or mine, you’ll discover yet again just how simple elegant, sophisticated phone video is to produce.

Shoot and edit on the same device using the amazing and low-cost apps, such as FiLMiC Pro and Lumafusion, which give you almost the same control over your production as professional software costing up to 50 times as much.

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