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Long story short

I am a specialist smartphone trainer and enthusiast. I am convinced that achieving video fluency using smartphones and other portable devices will transform the way you communicate with clients and within your own organisation. That’s what I’m here for, to help you…

Tell your story, push your messages, using just your phone.

As well as servicing my own clients I also run workshops for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Middle East PR Association (MEPRA). :

To help you I’ve written several books on the media, including What is News? and Handling Media Interviews, both available on Kindle.



Shooting and editing video on a smartphone: the perfect solution

Smartphones offer high definition video quality more than good enough for the small screen on a tablet, iPad or phone, and that’s increasingly where we access our news and social media. Plus, we all know how to use a phone.

The software and accessories needed to produce a video are very easy to use and inexpensive.

What’s more, everything you need for phone video is small, light and highly portable. Perfect if you have to upload video to social media against the clock or from somewhere remote, even the middle of a field! And because you can edit as well as shoot on your mobile device, you don’t need to return to base.

Shoot, edit and upload from your phone or iPad on the train or plane, on the tube, in that same field where you shot the video (providing you’re in a 4g or 5g network area). Then pop your studio back in your bag or pocket. Why make it hard?

With a huge range of applications in both external and internal communications, mobile video is ideal for Public Relations executives handling a crisis, engineers on site, event organisers promoting exhibitions, charity workers in far-flung rural areas… the list goes on.

I have the right tools and knowledge, let me Help You


After joining the BBC as a local radio reporter, I worked in television, radio and online news as a reporter, producer, science and environment correspondent and journalism trainer. I have coached some of the BBC’s most senior journalists, and set up and ran the BBC’s local radio school in Bucharest, Romania.

I’ve been interested in the possibilities of multimedia for 30 years and was on the BBC think tank that pioneered radio and TV journalists working together. Later I went to BBC News Online as acting head of the science desk.

I’ve been privileged to be given a Press Fellowship at Wolfson College, Cambridge, which I used to research the nature of news and the factors which determine news value – why news is news, in other words.

In the dim and distant past I acquired a degree in modern (now ancient!) history and philosophy, and a postgraduate diploma in radio journalism. Plus I studied risk communication to master’s degree level.

But that’s all me, me, me.  What about you, and where my training can take you?

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