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Hints, Tips and Advice for iPhone and Smartphone Video Production

Facebook to prefer longer videos

Duration is a fundamental consideration when planning a video for your organisation or client. But how long is good? The answer depends partly on what we think our audience wants.  Sometimes that’s a vague instinct for ‘short and sweet’, involving a focused punchy set...

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5 top tips for effective video interviews

When I catch up with my phone video course graduates one subject arises in conversation more than any other – how to get the best out of interviewees. Interviews are a vital component in any video – messaging or storytelling. What you don’t want is a nervous, hesitant...

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Best video editor for 2019?

User-created phone video is currently the biggest thing in media content generation. And with network giant Cisco predicting over 80% of all web traffic will include video by 2020 the corporate drive to become video literate can only build exponentially. As that...

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TV by the people, for the people

As you may know, I have been trying to get Suff-folk interested in hyperlocal TV. The idea is that instead of non-local TV costing millions, produced by expensive professionals, all you actually need is locals armed with smartphones, producing their own television...

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Exits and entrances

The writing has been on the wall for local newspapers for a while as their ad money and readers drain away to online news and social media. This was brought home to me yesterday visiting the Diss Express offices. The reception is no longer open.  So I was shown into a...

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